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shick_couture's Journal

16 March
External Services:
  • shick_couture@livejournal.com
Comment with your valid email address if you are 100% sure of getting any item.

How to contact us?

Official email address: shick.couture@gmail.com

Payment Methods: POSB/DBS ATM FUND TRANSFERS OR POSB/DBS ibanking transfers only.

We prefer not to accept Interbank transfers as it causes alot of hassle on both parties.

Normal mail or Registered mail only. Meets ups might be made at our convenience and with a maximum number of items purchased.

Normal postage charges -
$1-$1.50 per top
$2.50 per bag
Registered postage charges - Top up additional $2.24.
Postage Charges might vary according to weight

Exchange/ refunds:
All items will undergo a thorough check and are packed properly, there'll be NO exchanges and NO refunds. And No trade and negotiation